Joy means something different to everyone — including very sick children and their families. At CCA, we provide a voice of experience, compassion and hope for families whose needs extend beyond medical treatment. Because we’ve been there, we know that the best services are those that serve your needs. So our innovative bilingual programs, resources, and support are based on the needs voiced by families across the nation for the last 17 years — and counting.

Music as Medicine

NickeyaMusicRx Bill and WyattWhether you’re making it, listening to it or sharing it, there’s something about music that has the power to heal. Music does more than just fill an environment; it transforms it. That’s why nearly two decades ago CCA created MusicRx®, an innovative program that lets kids express themselves by writing their own "music prescription.”

Because we so deeply believe in the power of music medicine, CCA has continued to share our ground breaking model and program elements inspiring countless other music projects in pediatric medical environments across the nation.

And today, CCA has expanded the MusicRx experience to include, an online extension of our original in-hospital program. Combined, these two programs deliver more than 85,000 music moments across the nation, every year.