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Link Program

CCA’s Link program works with hospital caregivers to identify families experiencing the profound emotional and financial hardships of serious pediatric illness and engages a network of caring people and organizations to provide families with essential needs, assistance, and support.

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Link projects can include bathroom renovations for wheelchair accessibility or backyard maintenance for safe play. Link often offers gas cards, new tires, or assistance with car repairs for safe travel to and from the hospital.

Other components of the Link program include volunteer-supported programs, such as: Joy for the Holidays, offering gift giving support to families to alleviate the dual pressures of financial burden and time spent away from the hospital shopping; Packs of Joy, giving school-age kids backpacks filled with school supplies so parents can focus on their sick child’s care; and Dinner Donors, providing meal preparations for families discharged from the hospital so they can go directly home to cook and enjoy a meal together.

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“Thank you so much for all of the gifts! Every gift is perfect, and we can tell a lot of thought was put into each one. It was so nice to feel normal for a day. We will be talking about this Christmas for years to come.”

-Marce, Willa’s mom