A Life, Interrupted [Part 1]

D.J. had big ambitions for his last year of high school but life had other ideas. When D.J. started getting sharp headaches, he thought it was a sinus infection, it turned out to be something far more serious—a brain tumor.

Chrystalyn CCA Hero

April CCA Hero – Chrystalyn

April CCA Hero, Chrystalyn, is a polite and poised young lady who loves a good DIY project. She also has a blood disorder called hemoglobin E beta thalassemia, which is why her Chemo Pal Mentor made all the difference during frequent hospital visits.

The Joy of Giving IV

The holidays are a time for reflection, gratefulness, and family. While many families with kids facing serious illness focused on their child’s health, we at the Children’s Cancer Association turned our attention to their happiness.

Bill Grange Chemo Pal

Bill Grange: Five-Time Chemo Pal Mentor

Bill Grange is easy-going, understanding, and a great conversationalist. He loves his job as a Portland realtor and finds joy in golfing, music, gardening, and his family. He’s also a CCA Chemo Pal extraordinaire, having been matched with five Chemo Pals over the past eleven years.