February CCA Hero, Hannah

CCA Hero Hannah

Five-year-old Hannah is an intuitive, lively little girl who loves her dad’s pizza, the color pink, and playing with the neighbor kids—especially cops and robbers. “I’m always the cop!” she exclaimed proudly.

Although Hannah’s imagination goes a mile a minute, it’s difficult for her body to keep up. About four years ago, she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, a rare disease that causes extreme weakness of her muscles. That makes it challenging for Hannah to stand or walk, but she’s working hard in physical therapy and is excited to be part of a clinical trial that’s been helping her condition improve.

The Road to Independence

For now, Hannah gets around in her wheelchair that comes complete with a sparkly sequined seatbelt. Her family’s home isn’t wheelchair accessible, so CCA stepped in and provided a special foldable ramp that makes it much easier for Hannah to get where she wants to go. “We’re so thankful for that,” said her mom, Charlotte. “It’s really helped Hannah be more independent.”

While Hannah has a lot of great qualities, her parents say that her most admirable one is kindness. She loves helping others, especially when it comes to tying her friends’ shoes. (It’s a skill she picked up early and is eager to demonstrate.) “I tie a lot of my friends’ shoes at recess. Some of them don’t know how yet,” she explained.

When Hannah grows up, she plans to continue helping others by joining her parents’ business, which provides services to people with different abilities. Until then, she’ll continue to tackle every day with resilience, hope, and an unwavering bright smile.

Hannah CCA Hero

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