Getting Inspired for the Joy Revolution

Get Inspired

At the 2019 Get Inspired Breakfast, 400+ businesses and community leaders joined Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) for a morning of joy, music, and a look at the future of CCA’s joy-based programs. More than $76K was raised and 49 new volunteers offered their time and talents to our Joy Revolution!

Leading the Joy Revolution

President and General Manager, Danielle York, kicked off the event with a bold request; join CCA in pioneering Joy a critical element of treatment in children’s hospitals across the country.

Rallying the audience, Danielle said, “24 years ago – nobody was talking about Joy in the same conversation as cancer. Joy matters. It makes a difference. We are the ONLY organization – anywhere developing and delivering joy-based programming to enhance the mental health and emotional well-being of pediatric patients.”

“From our humble little corner in the Pacific Northwest, as a local organization, we hope to transform the way the entire nation thinks about pediatric care – shifting Joy into Focus. Our innovative, joy-based programs are provided to families at no cost to more than 35,000 kids and family members every year. Together, with 1,200-plus volunteers and a professional staff of nearly 50, we show up for kids of all ages and diagnoses in their greatest moment of need. We are leading a Joy Revolution. We invite you to join us.”

Describing the Power of Consistent Joy

Kimberlee, mom to Bastian, a CCA-served child and 2017 CCA Hero, bravely recounted her cancer experience. “Our story began three years ago. On April 21st, 2016, our family was enjoying a rare afternoon at the park with all five of us together. In this beautiful, peaceful moment I turned to my husband, Kendall, and told him I had never felt happier. Within the hour, that happiness and clear vision for the future of our family was taken from us.” Bastian suddenly became paralyzed, unable to breathe. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered he had a Grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor, arguably one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer with a less than one out of ten survival rate.

Kimberlee spoke to their journey from Bastian’s cancer diagnosis to the incredible news that he is now in remission. She told the audience about the many ways CCA had brought consistent joy to their experience. “We went through some very dark times as a family. But through 30 radiation treatments, 18 rounds of various types of chemotherapy, and two-and-a-half years of treatment, CCA has taken every opportunity to bring joy and light into our lives.”

Sharing the Power of Friendship

Also speaking to the crowd was Catlin, a two-time Chemo Pal Mentor, whose life was forever changed by his late Chemo Pal Jack. Catlin encouraged everyone to consider the larger impact even a single moment of Joy can have. “The Chemo Pal program, the MyMusicRx Program, volunteering at different CCA events, helps these kids forget, at least for a little while, what they are going through. It helps break the isolation these kids can feel because of their diagnosis and gives the entire family another person in their corner when they need it the most.”

Singing Along with MyMusicRx

Other highlights included a performance from the Shine Children’s Chorus and a lighthearted sing-along with Tim, an 18-year MyMusicRx volunteer. Tim, joined by Bastian and his brother on stage, led the room through a special version of the song “Joy to the World,” asking the audience to connect with their neighbor and sing out loud. By the end, the entire room was smiling, a perfect example of how music has the incredible potential to shift anyone’s mood in mere minutes.

Get Inspired wouldn’t be possible without our amazing Ambassador Board led by Co-Chair Allison Clarke. We want to thank Allison and Board Chair Rosemary Colliver for inspiring attendees. And, we are deeply grateful to our sponsors for making this event possible:

Allision Clarke Consulting
Amy Troute Inspired Interior Design
Cedric Berry, State Farm Agency
DDI Benefits
Geffen Mesher & Company, PC
JGP Wealth Management
Lawyer’s Title
Moda Health
R&H Construction
The Standard
Tarkett Sports
Tiny Irwin Consulting

Get Involved!

Join CCA at any of our upcoming summer events happening throughout the city. Some highly anticipated events include the annual Golf for Joy hosted at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club and the third-annual Summer Joy Games, celebrating the power of movement with BurnCycle and BurnMVMT.