Get Inspired Luncheon – In Photos

There’s no better way to jump into spring than inviting almost 500 new friends to one of our favorite events of the year, the Get Inspired Luncheon!

When Regina’s daughter, Alexandra, died at the age of five, family and friends gathered around her kitchen table and decided to make the world a little better for kids like Alex. The Get Inspired Luncheon provides CCA with the opportunity to once again invite everyone to the metaphorical kitchen table and share stories of hardship and struggle, but most importantly, joy!

Each year we are floored by the amount of warmth and love shown by the Portland commun ity and this event was no different! For those of you who couldn’t attend we have some highlights below.

Children’s Cancer Association Board Chair, Andy Lytle, was inspired to get involved with CCA at this very event, 12 years ago.

Chief Joy Officer, Regina Ellis, spoke about her daughter Alex. “Alex fought cancer with everything she had for 731 days and taught me how to hold on to joy a minute longer than I thought possible.”

Also on the stage, Bill Grange, a longtime Chemo Pal, spoke about all five of his incredible matches. “My Chemo Pals have taught me that although we live in a world that often values how much “stuff” you acquire, the important things in life are health, laughter, love, friendship, and joy.

Mother of three, Renee, spoke about the heartbreaking battle against cancer with her youngest son, Blake. “The last year and a half with Blake has been the most difficult, and amazing. We have truly embraced the joy that can be found in each moment and have learned to be happy with just that. I am constantly blown away by the genuine love and compassion that we have regularly received during this journey. It is absolutely impossible to imagine what it is to be in these shoes, the fear and anxiety that families face, but through it all, the Children’s Cancer Association has been there for us.

In a fun music moment, Blake and brothers got up on stage to lead the audience in a rendition of “Flying Purple People Eater.” The audience sang, clapped and drummed along with instruments provided at their tables.

Thanks to your generosity we collectively raised more than $60,000! We are also excited to welcome on 44 potential Chemo Pal Mentors, 24 new volunteers, and 21 community leaders who have invited CCA to do a community engagement presentation! We are humbled and inspired by each and every one of you that attended. Together we will make 2017 another year dedicated to bringing joy to kids in the hospital.