Jack’s Short, Wonderful Life

Will and Jack

This is the story of my son Jack’s short, wonderful life, my enduring friendship with Children’s Cancer Association (CCA), and the difference your gifts make in the lives of families like mine. Thank you for your support.

The day I learned Jack had a brain tumor, I vividly remember not being able to catch my breath, or even breathe. I could not wrap my head around the word “cancer.” I had no idea what to do or how to react, I only knew it was my job as his dad to make every day the best it could possibly be for him.

CCA was there for us, transforming moments of anxiety, isolation, and pain with friendship, music, and thoughtful care. A few instances stand out to me. They may seem small to you, but they were precious to me, and I remember them well.

His First Visit to the Hospital

On our first trip to the hospital, a MyMusicRx volunteer was playing the piano in the lobby. Jack asked me when we were going to get to the hospital. I remember leaning down and telling him that we were already there. The first music experience with CCA was a defining moment for us. You could feel the tension lifting; the music was so comforting and made us all more relaxed and less anxious.

Unexpected Knock at the Door

CCA somehow learned that we planned a trip to Disneyland between treatments. Jack was having a particularly bad day when someone knocked on our hotel room door. I was greeted with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies – from CCA. This unexpected gesture made us feel like we were not alone, that we had support, and we’re going to be okay. It’s these small, precious things that can really matter, and it is what CCA does best. 

Jack never did get better. But from day one CCA was there. Once CCA is in your life, they are forever a part of your family. They NEVER forget Jack’s birthday or the day he died; they literally send me a card every year signed by the entire staff.

Because of the incredible difference, CCA made for us during an impossibly difficult time, I now serve on the Ambassador Board, to help spread the word about the organization.

When you support CCA, you create so much joy for families like mine who know firsthand the trauma of pediatric cancer – thank you. Please donate, it really does make a difference.

With Heartfelt Thanks,




Will – Jack’s Dad and CCA Ambassador Board Member