Meet January CCA Hero – Alfredo

Alfredo is a friendly, well-spoken 14-year-old with a serious comedic streak and courage to spare. He’s also a huge fan of wrestling. While he loves challenging his little brother Ivan to friendly matches on the family trampoline, these days he is saving his all strength to fight spindle cell sarcoma. “But don’t worry,” grinned Ivan, “we’re going to have a rematch as soon as we can.”

Alfredo has another good friend in his corner: his Chemo Pal, Diego. These two guys love getting together to play video games, go for walks, or just sit together and talk. “He’s great,” said Alfredo. “It’s really nice to have someone to do things with.”

As for his future, Alfredo is leaving his options open but thinks he might like to be a police officer or a professional wrestler someday. Or maybe even a doctor like the ones at Randall Children’s Hospital who have helped him so much.

Whatever he does, he’ll do it with the love and support of his family, who say he’s the best example of a hero they’ve ever seen. “He has so much faith and he never stops fighting,” said his mom, Mayra. “He’s a big hero to me because he makes me laugh when I get bored and he plays Legos with me,” added his little sister, Julia.

For Alfredo, the admiration is mutual. “My family is my hero. They’ve taken such good care of me and stayed by my side the entire time,” he said.

When asked if he had any advice for other kids like him, Alfredo was quick to reply. “Definitely get a Chemo Pal. It makes all the difference!”