Joy Party – Mitzvahpalooza

The power of JoyRx across the country

“Music can turn someone’s day around.”

On October 7th, the very same night of CCA’s Wonderball: Age of Aquarius, 3000 miles away in Montclair, New Jersey, 12-year-old Ella Freund was kicking off an incredible CCA fundraiser of her own.

It all started when Ella and her fellow classmates in Hebrew School were challenged to conduct volunteer projects prior to their bat-mitzvahs. Ella and her mother, Jen Freund, then watched a segment on the Today Show featuring an organization providing music to kids who are sick. That’s when the idea hit her.

“I saw Ella’s face light up,” Jen recalls. Ella took to the web to find an organization nearby and discovered that the Children’s Cancer Association delivers joy to children through their MyMusicRx program at Boston Children’s Hospital in neighboring Massachusetts. Ella then started to rally a dozen of her friends with musical talents to hold a Joy Party fundraiser for CCA and decided to call it “Mitzvahpalooza.”

“This project means so much to me because I love music, and I want other kids who are unfortunately ill to experience the magic of music and help them feel happier.” – Ella Freund

Choosing a venue was simple. Ella wrote a heartfelt letter to the local theater she’s been involved with since she was a child, the Studio Playhouse, who happily donated the space for the project.

Ella’s “Mitzvahpalooza” raised over $3,000 to help deliver the joy of music to children and teens served by CCA. “This community endeavor exemplifies children giving back to the world,” Jen shared. Ella hopes to continue making an impact by playing mandolin and singing at local hospitals.  She looks forward to planning another Mitzvahpalooza next year!

You can make a difference by hosting your very own Joy Party!

Ella, thank you for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses.  Together we are leveraging music, nature, friendship, and resources to create transformative moments of joy when they are needed most.

Are you interested in hosting your very own Joy Party? If so, you can contact Darcie Bernier, Major & Planned Giving Manager at or by calling 503-203-5115.