JoyRx Hosts St. Patrick’s Day Concert at Dell Children’s Medical Center

Is there music played in hospitals? That’s a resounding yes! JoyRx celebrated the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with a concert just for Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas.   

The concert artists included a family music duo, Smith & Yarn, and a Latin-Pop-RnB singer-songwriter SXSW performer, Shiela. With twenty families and several Dell Children’s staff members in attendance, JoyRx Music delivered the healing power of music with their own personalized concert. Even the hospital facility dogs joined the fun, dressed in their festive St. Patty’s Day gear!   

Staff members collected swag and activities to deliver to children who couldn’t leave their hospital rooms to watch the concert in person. With the concert broadcasted through Dell Children’s closed circuit TV system, DCTV, all the children in the hospital could tune in live and experience a taste of the SXSW Festival.   

There were St. Patrick’s Day giveaways, JoyRx swag, a doodle wall, a SXSW VIP badge craft activity, and delicious JoyRx cookies for the kids and families to enjoy.   

Following the concert, Shiela and her guitarist visited the Children’s Blood & Cancer Center in the Dell Children’s Specialty Pavilion and had heartwarming music moments with two kids receiving infusions.   

Lastly, they returned to the main hospital and visited the Mental Health Unit, playing a handful of songs for nine music-lovers. A social worker on the MHU passed a hand-written note to our Director of Programs, South, Allison Moore that read, “Thank you so much! This was easily the best part of the week for these kiddos!”   

It proved a Joyful event for many of the children and teens throughout Dell Children’s Medical Center.   

One mom, Kasie, agreed that the music was exactly what her son, Noah, needed. “He was VERY into it,” she said on a recent social media post. “We are trying to get him out of the room more often because we can tell it helps his day so much.”   

After many weeks of struggling for the family, this moment of Joy meant the world to Kasie and her family.   

Check out the photos below for a glimpse of the Joy:   

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