Leading with JoyRx: Children’s Cancer Association Brand Evolves to JoyRx

Children’s Cancer Association began as one family’s beautiful dream—to bring hope, healing, and joy to children and families facing the unimaginable trauma of serious illness, through specially designed programs, aptly named JoyRx . Thanks to the support of so many, that dream has become a reality: one that has prevailed through 27 years and a global pandemic, delivering JoyRx to more than 10,000 children every year, in 28 hospitals across the country and counting.

Now, it’s time for that dream to grow even bigger. The vision is to ensure that JoyRx falls within the standard of care in every U.S. pediatric hospital, ensuring all kids treated for cancer or serious illness have access to the uplifting benefits of JoyRx programs. Expanding from Oregon to hospitals nationwide offers the opportunity to redefine our individuality to better communicate the purpose of the organization. To that end, the Children’s Cancer Association brand is evolving to JoyRx.

While Children’s Cancer Association will always remain as the organization’s legal entity, JoyRx will lead as the organization’s public facing identity. It perfectly and clearly sums up our mission delivery: We prescribe joy.

“We will always be Children’s Cancer Association,” says Danielle York, CEO JoyRx/Children’s Cancer Association. “The JoyRx brand is a natural transition that instantly conveys to new hospital partners, families, and supporters what our organization delivers —the uplifting, stress-abating, anxiety-reducing benefits of our joy-based programming. This recognition is an important step toward our vision of delivering JoyRx to every child facing serious illness, in all pediatric healthcare facilities across the country.”

For children facing cancer and other serious illnesses, Joy is more than a feeling. It’s a necessity.