Meet CCA Hero, Jazzy

Make way for Jasmine “Jazzy” Soria-Pons! She may be just three years old, but this sassy little girl is already running the show. “One night at the hospital, she got all the other kids out of bed and led them down the hall in an impromptu parade,” laughed her mom Monique. “She’s just a natural born leader, I guess.”

She’s also a natural born fighter. Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia last year, she’s been battling her cancer with a sunny outlook and the support of her large extended family. She’s also gotten a little help from CCA.

“She loves the MyMusicRx team so much,” said her mom. “A lot of times when she’s in pain they’ll come in and sing her to sleep. And her Chemo Pal Erin has been so great. Now Jasmine wants to go to her appointments just so she can play with Erin.”

Thanks to the frequent visits from our MyMusicRx Specialists, Jasmine is learning to play the guitar, ukulele, harmonica, drums, and keyboard. She also loves to dance, play dress-up, and take rides on her grandpa’s tractor.

As for her career path, Jazzy already has that all figured out. “I want to be a princess!” she proclaimed. Long may she reign.