Meet CCA Hero, Joshua

A Smile Like the Sun

When we say that Joshua has a winning smile, we mean it literally—this cheerful little guy actually won a trophy at his school for having the best smile. His contagious grin lights up his entire face and delights everyone around him, from his family, to his teachers, to his medical team.

Joshua was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. It keeps him confined to a wheelchair, but it hasn’t gotten in the way of his ability to have a good time. He loves teasing his two sisters, singing silly songs, watching cartoons, and going to the park with his dad.

Music as a Form of Communication

He also loves Latin music and listens to it regularly on the iPad that he received from CCA’s Link program. “It’s so great,” said his mom Yoana. “We loaded it up with apps that are giving Joshua new ways to communicate with us.”

Yoana says her son’s positive attitude is an inspiration to everyone. “He’s very strong, and he never cries or complains. Usually people go through life grumbling  about this or that, but not our boy. He goes through life smiling—and that makes him a hero to us.”