Meet CCA Hero, Marcella

Marcella Mercado is a courageous young woman who dances circles around her cystic fibrosis—literally. She loves to dance, everything from hip-hop and lyrical to jazz and ballet. Although her disease requires her to take a few extra precautions, she refuses to let it get in the way of her life.

“When something gets challenging, I just look at it as an obstacle to be jumped over. It’s so rewarding when I do,” she explained.

While she was in the hospital undergoing treatment, Marcella enjoyed working with the MyMusicRx team and became quite proficient on the guitar—so much so, that we hooked her up with her very own. And when she took up sewing, CCA stepped in again. “I was doing everything by hand,” she said. “So CCA got me a sewing machine! So far I’ve used it to make a few purses and a dress for my sister.”

Besides dance, music and fashion design, Marcella also has a passion for science. “I love all kinds of science, but I’m especially fascinated by how things affect the human body,” she said. “I definitely want to be a scientist someday.”

Marcella’s strength and positivity make her a hero in the eyes of her family, but she says it’s the other way around. “My mom is the real hero,” she said. “She works so hard and has always been there for me.”