Meet CCA Hero, Jayden

Jayden “J-Bear” Moore is a funny, quirky girl with a bright smile and a big heart. Tragically, her mother and twin sister died in the same car accident she was injured in; Jayden spent the better part of a year in the hospital recovering from her injuries.

Today, this bubbly young lady is back on her feet and getting stronger every day. She credits her dad, Eddie, for giving her the support she needs to keep going. “He makes me laugh and takes really good care of me,” she says. “He’s my hero.” Eddie says it’s the other way around. “I think I look up to her more than she looks up to me. She’s the bravest person I know.”

Despite the incredible challenges in her life, Jayden faces them with a positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humor. She also uses music to express her feelings, and loves rocking out with the MyMusicRx team whenever they stop by. “I’d like to do what they do someday,” she says, “I want to use music to make kids happy.”