Meet CCA Hero, Jordyn

Jordyn is a kind, creative girl who dreams of being a scientist or a movie director. A real social butterfly, Jordyn has a large circle of pals and cherishes them all. “I love spending time with my friends,” she says. “We like to talk and do silly stuff.”

In 2007, Jordyn was diagnosed with Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy and has undergone countless painful procedures since, including a spinal fusion surgery. But despite her physical hardships, this brave girl continues to live life to the fullest. “She’s a fighter,” says her mom Ana. “Her teachers tell her that it’s okay if she wants to do less work, but she refuses to take the easy way out.”

Her medical team admires Jordyn for her friendly, inclusive personality and says that she’s a great role model for other young patients. “I feel like I have a deep connection with other MD kids,” she says. Her advice for them? “No matter what you’re going through, once it’s over you won’t remember how painful it was.”