Chemo Pal Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Lisa Fogg

Chemo Pal Mentor, Lisa Fogg, is quick to share just how lucky she feels to be matched with five-year-old Annabel through the Chemo Pal Mentor Program. “Anyone who has met Annabel is inspired by her strength, love and positive spirit. Every time I see her she comes running and jumps into my arms.”

Enjoying Time Together

Lisa and Annabel were matched in April of 2015, and have enjoyed every moment together since. They have fun putting on make-up, painting, coming up with creative art projects and playing games. Lisa says the pair also enjoy time together outside of the hospital setting. “One of Annabel’s favorite outings was to Disney’s Frozen on Ice. She sang every song and waived at every princess; it was so much fun to watch the magic through her eyes!”

A Lifetime of Friendship

“I tear up just thinking about Annabel. I’m humbled by how strong, smart, and resilient this precious girl is. It brings me a tremendous amount of happiness to be a part of her life. I honestly could go on all day! Her family is amazing, and I know we have a lifetime of friendship ahead of us.” – Lisa Fogg

Part of the CCA Family

Lisa and her family are dedicated to giving back to the community and have for many years, but Lisa was inspired to get involved with the Chemo Pal Mentor Program because of a serious illness in her own family.  Unfortunately, Lisa lost a close cousin to cancer when he was only seven years old. She shared, “Quinn was so full of life, he always inspired me to work with kids and made me promise that I would. I still have his picture on my dresser and look at it every day.  His wisdom was far beyond his years.”

We know Lisa’s cousin would be proud of her, and we are so proud to have Lisa as part of the CCA family.


Chemo Pal Volunteer