March CCA Hero – Blake Eames

His name is Blake, but you can call this adorable four-year-old Blakey Jo. Blake is an outdoorsy guy who loves digging in the dirt, blowing bubbles, driving his toy truck, and chasing his two big brothers every chance he gets.

The Happiest Kid on the Planet

If there’s one thing that can be said about Blake, it’s this: he has a love for life. “He is the happiest kid on the planet,” said his mom, Renee. “Every day when he wakes up, you’d think it was Christmas morning.”

Blake’s happy-go-lucky outlook has never wavered, even when he was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma of the kidney last year. Lots of radiation and chemo followed, but through it all, his Chemo Pal, Aunnah, has been a bright spot. “Blake always looks forward to her visits,” said Renee. “Whenever she comes over, he gets right up and starts playing.”

Making Music Medicine

Blake loves making music, both with his family and with the MyMusicRx team in the hospital. During a scary trip to the ER one night, MyMusicRx specialist Chris was at his side for an impromptu jam session. “Having him there with the instruments gave Blake a sense of familiarity and relieved so much stress,” said Renee.

With his can-do attitude, this courageous kid is a hero in his own right. However, Blake says he has a few heroes of his own—Batman, and his two big brothers, Braden and Garrett.


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