Meet November CCA Hero – Otto

Six-year-old Otto “Otto-bot” Stuckman knows a thing or two about heroes. He’s a huge fan of superheroes like the Green Lantern (“He’s got a power ring!”), The Flash (“He’s so fast!”), and Cyborg from Teen Titans (“He has a blaster!”).

Those are all admirable qualities, but Otto has some pretty impressive traits of his own, like grit, perseverance, and determination. He’s put them all to good use during his fight against neuroblastoma, which he was diagnosed with in 2016.

Every hero needs a sidekick and for Otto that’s his Chemo Pal, Jerry. The two are fast friends and love spending time together building Lego sets or playing video games. “It’s so wonderful for him to have a companion and it gives him someone to play with while we talk to his doctors,” explained his mom, Emily.

Otto and his family say they’re thankful for all the help they’ve received from CCA along the way. When Otto needed to go to San Francisco for specialized treatment, CCA covered the cost of the tickets. And whenever Otto needs to blow off some steam, he can count on the MyMusicRx team to jam with him on electric guitar.

While Otto takes his treatment very seriously, he also loves just doing typical kid stuff like collecting Pokemon cards, eating pancakes, and honing his pretend driving skills. “He’s a very good pretend driver,” laughed Emily.

He’s also a hero in the eyes of his family. “Otto has had to put up with a lot of terrible things, but he never gives up,” Emily said proudly.