Music Heals And You Can Help

Holly Bruno and The Decemberists

Love is Everywhere

A special moment at this year’s Bedstock included a performance by 14-year-old Emily. The song, “In My Heart,” was written in honor of Emily’s 10-year-old sister, Holly, who died last March from a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Emily’s emotional tribute was inspired by the passion for music that Holly carried throughout her short, beautiful life.

“You didn’t stay that long, but I will always sing your song and never let you go.”




This is My Fight Song

“When Holly was very first diagnosed, we had a knock on the hospital door and assumed it was yet another doctor there to give us bad news. We were pleasantly surprised to instead see musicians at our door, wanting to come in and make music with us. It was a wonderful distraction and gave me hope that our many hospital stays could also be joyful. For years, MyMusicRx would show up at just the right time and bring joy and comfort when we needed it most. As I write this, my thoughts are flooded with these precious memories, and I am forever grateful for them.” –Holly’s Mom, Heidi


Back in 2015 when Holly recorded her very first Bedstock performance, the MyMusicRx Specialists were met by a sweet and quiet girl. Holly’s face was burned from radiation, and she had barely spoken in the past month, yet she was determined to sing one of her anthems, “Fight Song.”

Suffice it to say, her performance was a victory for everyone and the video has been viewed more than one million times.



Healing Through Music

In 2016, Holly was named a CCA Hero, joining 11 other Heroes in a celebration of their courage and achievements. She also continued her jam sessions with MyMusicRx, learning to play the ukulele and blossoming into a musician in her own right. Her passion for music was noticed by CCA Board Member, Chris Funk of The Decemberists, who extended a special invitation to her entire family to visit his recording studio to record some of her favorite songs.



Holly filled the rest of her year with visits from her friends and Chemo Pals, Mandy and Emily. She also worked tirelessly to share her personal motto, “Love is Everywhere”. The shy little girl our specialists first met in that hospital room back in 2015 had developed grace and composure rarely seen in someone so young.




This is My Song to Remember Me By

After a brief period of relief from her illness, Holly’s cancer returned, and the family made the difficult decision to end treatment. She filmed one last Bedstock performance, this time singing “This is My Song” by Mindy Gledhill. Heidi, Holly’s mother, reflects on their musical memories.

“It felt like a bold move to have her sing a song about death, especially at a time when she felt great, and the tumor wasn’t showing any indication of growth. But we knew the reality of what was to come, and this was truly a beautiful way for us to talk with Holly about how much we would miss her when she was gone. We never shied away from these conversations, and I am grateful for the opportunity it gave us to celebrate every last minute that we had with her. Mindy Gledhill was gracious enough to let us change the song a little, so we could include the words Love is Everywhere in it.

Today I cling to the same stuffed Kanga that she hugs in this video. I wonder why I had to say goodbye to someone I love so deeply. I often hurt as if it just happened and my thoughts constantly swirl around memories of Holly. But just as I cling to Kanga, I cling to her words, “Love is Everywhere,” and I find strength and courage as I see and feel love. I feel it in messages from friends about seeing ladybugs and thinking of Holly, in hugs of comfort, in ways people honor and remember her. And I feel it when I hear Holly sing these words with her sisters.”

This is my song
To carry on
When you have found yourself alone
And I am gone.

So I will wait
Every last minute that we have
To celebrate.

This is my song to remember me by
When the moon grows long in the sky
And you wonder why goodbyes are bound to be.
Love is Everywhere, you will see.


Today a chalk drawing graces the wall of the Children’s Cancer Association’s that says, “Love is Everywhere.” It serves as a reminder of a young girl who inspired so many.

By donating today, you can prescribe joy to seriously ill kids just like Holly. Your support will provide the gift of joy through the holidays.

“Donate… I promise it will help someone who needs healing in a way only music can heal.” –Holly’s Mom, Heidi