MyMusicRx FAQs

For Hospital Staff & Families

If you have questions about volunteering with MyMusicRx, scroll down for commonly asked questions and their answers!

What is MyMusicRx?

MyMusicRx is the flagship program of Children’s Cancer Association (CCA). More than two decades ago, CCA began delivering the healing power of music to the bedsides of children and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses. MyMusicRx specialists utilize state-of-the-art music carts stocked with teaching-quality instruments for kids to explore, and tablets loaded with music games and apps. The MyMusicRx program also includes live, in-hospital concerts from national recording artists, as well as Hallway Harmonics volunteers, and extends online 24/7 at

Is MyMusicRx the same as Music Therapy?

No. MyMusicRx is not the same as the clinical practice of music therapy. MyMusicRx empowers kids to customize their bedside music experience with jam sessions, sing-alongs, instrument checkouts, music lessons, listening, and songwriting. MyMusicRx provides an engaging musical experience that is “kid-prescribed”. Music Therapy, on the other hand, is the clinical use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed health professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.

What does a MyMusicRx Specialist do?

Our highly skilled and trained specialists engage hospitalized kids of all ages and diagnoses, playing music for and with them to reduce stress, anxiety, and perception of pain. MyMusicRx Specialists go room to room offering bedside music, instrument lessons, instrument checkouts, jam sessions, and more! MyMusicRx specialists also provide group music sessions in hospital classrooms. There is no cost to families for any of our services.

What type of instruments are available in-hospital?

Our state-of-the-art music carts are stocked with ukuleles, keyboards, guitars, electronic drums, and a wide variety of hand percussion instruments. These instruments can be used for bedside jam sessions and instrument lessons, and are also available for check out. IPads are also available and they are loaded with music technology such as GarageBand, musical games and apps, and can access for music videos, lessons, and more!

When is the MyMusicRx program available in-hospital?

MyMusicRx specialists provide service at Randall Children’s Hospital on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 10am-4pm. Music is also provided in the Children’s Emergency Department on Sunday and Monday from 3pm-9pm. MyMusicRx specialists provide service at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 10am-4pm. Music is also provided in the Pediatric Emergency Department on Wednesday from 4-8pm.

The MyMusicRx program extends online 24/7, on any device, at It is also available in hospital via GetWellNetwork.

MyMusicRx bedside is also available at Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA, St. David’s Children’s Hospital in Austin, TX, and Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Kennewick, WA. Ask your medical team if you are at these locations to request music.

How can I request a music visit during my hospital stay?

MyMusicRx Specialists go room to room offering bedside music on the designated days that service is provided in hospital. You can let your Nurse or Child Life Specialist know that you are interested in having music, and they will pass on the request when MyMusicRx is in hospital. You can also visit and create a user profile which will give you the option to request a specific instrument to be delivered to your room by a MyMusicRx Specialist on a day that service is provided.

Is there a cost for having music?

Absolutely not! MyMusicRx Bedside, Hallway Harmonics, and are available completely free of charge.

What type of songs are available?

MyMusicRx Specialists have a large repertoire of music available: from lullabies to Disney; Rock to Top 40 Pop; Country to Oldies, and more! The best part is… you get to pick the songs you want to hear!


For Volunteers

What is the difference between a MyMusicRx Specialist and a Hallway Harmonics Volunteer?

A MyMusicRx Specialist is a trained, full-time employee of CCA. They provide customized bedside music and are fully trained and authorized for working on all pediatric hospital units. A Hallway Harmonics Volunteer provides music in the hospital lobby and in unit hallways (requires additional clearance – see below), but are not permitted to enter patient rooms.

How can I volunteer to play music?

First, visit the CCA website at and click on the Volunteer section under Get Involved. Then you will click on the link: “Become A Volunteer” to fill out an application. Once your application is received, you will be contacted by a Community Outreach and Education Specialist who will invite you to attend a Volunteer Orientation at the CCA office. From there, if you are interested in volunteering specifically as a musician, your application will be passed along to the Administrative Program Support who will schedule you an interview in-hospital where you will meet with a MyMusicRx team member and perform a selection of songs.

How can I play on the hospital units instead of in the lobby? Is there a difference?

The main difference in music location placement is that playing on a hospital unit requires additional clearance by obtaining a hospital badge. Music in the lobby can also be a louder volume, whereas music on unit needs to be performed at a softer volume. In order to play music on the hospital units, a MyMusicRx Specialist first must verify that your volume and repertoire would be suitable for that area. Once the recommendation is made, the Administrative Program Support will reach out to you with details to start the hospital badging process. The badging process includes but is not limited to: completing a separate hospital orientation, background check, HIPPA and Safety training, fingerprints, and meeting vaccination requirements.

What are the requirements of a Hallway Harmonics Volunteer?

All MyMusicRx volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. You will be required to wear a purple CCA shirt, closed-toe shoes, and adhere to other dress code requirements. All instruments, musical styles, vocals, and song material are to be pre-approved by CCA staff in order to be in full compliance with established guidelines and age appropriateness. This will be done during your in-hospital interview with a MyMusicRx team member. If you are sick, even with a cold, you must stay home, and during flu season, the hospitals will require you to wear a mask if you haven’t received a flu vaccination.

What can I expect as a volunteer?

Although being a volunteer is incredibly rewarding, it can also be difficult to see the realities of cancer treatment. The seriously ill children we serve may exhibit heightened emotion, depression, high levels of stress, low energy, or fear of strangers. As a Hallway Harmonics volunteer, you can expect to play music in the main hospital lobby, or if appropriate, apply to get a hospital badge in order to play music in the unit hallways. Volunteers must be able to perform two hours of appropriate music repertoire (looping one hour is acceptable!). Volunteers should also expect to commit to two shifts per month for a minimum of six months. Most of all, you can expect to have a fun and fulfilling time sharing music and creating joy for patients, families, and staff!