NatureRx FAQs

NatureRx FAQ

Who is eligible to attend NatureRx events?

We invite any teen or young adult (ages 13-21) who is facing or has faced an oncology or hematology diagnosis to join us.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

You may bring a friend or family member if he/she is eligible based on the guidelines above. Depending on the activity, exceptions may be possible so don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question.

If you’re looking for a family event, we offer those as well. Please send an email to ChemoPal@JoyRx.org.

How do I sign up?

You can email NatureRx@JoyRx.org for more information, or download and print an application directly from our website.

Do I have to pay to attend?

No. All events are free for all participating teens!

How long are the events?

Event times vary based on the activity and location. The average event time is between two and five hours with occasional all-day excursions.

Do I need to bring anything?

We only ask that you wear the appropriate clothing specified for each event. CCA and the activity partners will provide all equipment and gear necessary for the activity. If you need any clothing items, please let us know.

What if I’ve never done this activity before?

No problem! REI‘s experienced instructors will teach every participant at a beginner level and provide assistance along the way.

How do you pick which events are offered?

Our calendar of events was designed based on input from previous participants, CCA’s Young Adult Alliance members, and based on REI’s area of expertise. If you have ideas for other events, please let us know! Email your ideas to NatureRx@JoyRx.org.

Is transportation provided?

For events outside of the Portland-metro area, transportation will be provided from a centralized location. If transportation is needed within the Portland area, please let us know.

What types of activities do you offer?

Everything from skill-building classes to day-long excursions. Our goal is to get teens out in nature whether that’s hiking, kayaking, or simply learning the skills needed to experience the outdoors.

Join us for future events every month and get outside!

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