Outwit. Outplay. Outdonate. – Central Catholic HS Fundraiser

For the second year in a row, Central Catholic High School students came together to raise funds and awareness for CCA.  In an amazing show of support they raised over $11,000 in 9 days!

How the Games Worked

In this Survivor-themed event, 18 students from all grade levels were split up into four tribes. Each contestant participated in two overnight stays at the high school and two rounds of lunchtime challenges in front of their classmates. The goal was to out-WIT, out-PLAY, and out-DONATE their opponents to become the ultimate Survivor! The competition was fierce but in the end, it really was a team effort.

The CCA Connection

Central Catholic High School has been a longtime supporter of CCA and the Survivor Challenge is one of many fundraisers that the students have participated in. Of the participants, freshman Maeve Huntington, joined the cause as a way to honor a friend. She remembers CCA serving her friend Jack, who would have been 18 this year. During Jack’s treatment, CCA provided his family with a trip to the Caring Cabin. The cabin offers families a free stay at the coast as a way  to reconnect. Maeve’s family joined them on this trip, which provided everyone with a much-needed break from the stress and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis.


Thank you to the students at Central Catholic High School for providing JOY to seriously ill children!