Brady Wrestles Cancer  

A little rough-housing doesn’t frighten Brady Coy, especially when his wrestling opponent is Troutdale police officer and Chemo Pal mentor, Nick Bohrer, a friend (and cancer survivor) who has already seen him tackle so much. Headaches in 2014 uncovered a frightening diagnosis, an extremely rare and aggressive form of brain cancer called anaplastic ependymoma. Through… Read more »

The Seely Family talks of treatment, CCA, and MyMusicRx  

Anna Seely and her family talk to FOX 12’s Wayne Garcia about her leukemia diagnosis, the long months of treatment, time spent in the hospital, and how CCA’s MyMusicRx and Chemo Pal Mentor Program helped her find her joy and made her feel like a normal kid again. “People underestimate the power of joy when you’re… Read more »

Mason’s mom discusses the impact of a Chemo Pal Mentor  

Mason, diagnosed at just three years old, is an adorable boy with a lot of energy. At times, it was difficult for his mom, Diane, to focus on talking to the doctors while taking care of her seriously ill son. Fortunately, CCA’s Chemo Pal Mentor Program was there with the perfect match for Mason—Eileen. In just two visits,… Read more »

The Nackerud family shares how CCA helped  

FOX 12’s Amy Troy speaks to the Nackerud family as they share how CCA helped Fynn and them get through an incredibly challenging time with joy and laughter. Amy also chats with Fynn’s Chemo Pal mentor, Ed, and learns about their incredible bond. Read more at

Having a Chemo Pal Mentor was a relief for Sophia’s family  

Sophia’s mother talked with 105.1 The Buzz’s Daria sharing the profound impact a Chemo Pal Mentor had on their lives in the midst of months in the hospital, even as Sophia was put on life support. “The first time [Wendy] came into Sophia’s room, it was like Sophia had known [Wendy] her whole life, she reached… Read more »

Remembering Caitlyn  

Caitlyn’s mom, Shawna, talks with 105.1 The BUZZ about her daughter and 2013 CCA Hero, Caitlyn. Beginning at just 15-months-old, Caitlyn fought a long battle with cancer, eventually passing away at age 17. Throughout the many years of hospital visits and treatments, CCA was with them the whole way. Shawna talks about the friendship that… Read more »

Asher has faced many challenges  

FOX 12’s Wayne Garcia sat down with Sharonda, mother of two-year-old Asher, who has faced many challenges in his short life, including a battle with leukemia. Sharonda shares the special friendship that formed between her son and his Chemo Pal mentor, Brittany, and how CCA’s MyMusicRx program created joy through the rough times. Read more… Read more »

Interview: Remembering Christopher  

FOX 12’s Amy Troy meets the parents of a little ball of energy named Christopher. The Johnsons talk about his diagnosis at just 18 months of age, his year and a half long battle against the disease, and the special role his Chemo Pal mentor, Sue (along with the MyMusicRx program) played in his journey.… Read more »

Interview: Tim’s Story  

Mitch from 105.1 The Buzz finds out from Tim and his mom, Susan, what it’s like to get a leukemia diagnosis as a teen. Their lives changed in an instant, but Tim was set up with a specially matched Chemo Pal to help him through it all. “They brought something to my son’s life that we… Read more »

Interview: The Bruno Family  

Tigard third grader Holly Bruno loves practicing songs on the piano, singing, and playing board games with her parents and siblings. She was a typical 8-year-old girl until August of last year, when pain on the side of her face led to a diagnosis of a type of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. FOX 12’s Stephanie Kralevich… Read more »