Embracing Joy with Andrea Corradini

Andrea Corradini

Andrea Corradini likes to say she discovered CCA by “happy accident.” Some 15 years ago as a Nike employee, she stumbled upon a CCA Gala in-progress at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike Campus. She asked to join the party, somebody gave her a chair, and the rest is history – or we should say, herstory.

Andrea immediately understood the positive impact an organization like CCA could have for her family if her daughter Savannah, three years old at that time, were to be diagnosed with cancer.

Andrea and Chemo Pal Maddie

Inspiring Others Through Action

She got involved. She inspired others. Andrea challenged colleagues at Nike to donate to CCA’s annual Valentine’s Day community fundraiser. She began an annual Nike Challenge where women v men competed to raise the most money for CCA – and bragging rights for the year. That challenge has morphed into a Unity for CCA campaign and has raised more than $800,000 since inception.

Andrea joined CCA’s Board of Directors in 2009. She and her husband, David Brown, annually host a table at CCA’s Gala that inspires more than $100,000 in gifts. She has connected CCA with philanthropic organizations like the Eranda Rothschild Foundation, which now makes a significant annual gift to CCA.

Wonderball 2018


The Whole Family

Beyond monetary gifts, Andrea and her family have generously donated their time to CCA’s mission of Joy. David has been a Chemo Pal mentor four times. Savannah, now in high school, participates annually in the Walk for Joy fundraiser. And, Andrea provides compassionate photography sessions for families whose children are terminal.

For these reasons and so many more, we would like to say thank you, Andrea, for the immeasurable joy you have inspired through your longtime dedication to CCA.

See Andrea’s Work

View Andrea’s incredible photography in action at our annual Walk for Joy event.