Limited Edition Sneakers Designed by CCA Teens

We are proud to introduce CCA’s second collaboration with Cultivator, a platform for creators to tell their stories and champion the causes they believe in, using Nike sneakers. Check out this exclusive, limited-edition collection below. 

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We Are Cultivator

#YAA18 Collection

Check out three new limited edition sneakers created for Cultivator by CCA’s Young Adult Alliance: ConnectRx, Shine Bright, and Room with a View. Available October 15 - 21 ONLY.

Feel the Music. Feel Better.

The all new empowers seriously ill kids and teens to shift, plan, and grow – through music.

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About CCA

At the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) we believe all kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or at the very least, short, wonderful lives. That’s why our programs leverage music, nature, friendship, and resources to create transformative moments of joy for families facing cancer and other serious illnesses.

JoyRx Programs

CCA’s MyMusicRx®, Chemo Pal® Mentor Program, Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin™, and Link programs proudly delivered award winning, free-of-charge services a combined 91,964 times in 2017.

Cultivator CCA Sneakers

Limited Edition Sneakers Designed by CCA Teens

We are excited to share the second collaboration with Cultivator, a new online sneaker pop up. This exclusive collection of three limited-edition sneakers was crafted by teen and young adult members of the CCA Young Adult Alliance, drawing on their experience of facing cancer and serious illness.

Wonderball 2018

Wonderball: The Outdoors Are Calling

We are proud to share that together we raised $1.2 million at the 18th annual Wonderball gala to fuel our mission of prescribing joy to seriously ill children and their families.

Adam & George Chemo Pals

Where Pure Joy Hides

George’s time volunteering as a Chemo Pal for almost four years taught him a lot about life, courage, and the importance of being present.