Joy Ride Car Raffle

Enter for a Chance to Win a Brand-new Audi Q3!

Tickets for this Summer’s Joy Ride Car Raffle are a steal at just $25 each (down from $40 last year). That means you could win a premium Audi Q3 for just $25—of course, the more tickets you buy, the better your odds! Plus, every ticket purchased will deliver the healing power of Joy to thousands of kids and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses.

Since 1995, CCA has been transforming the pediatric healthcare experience through innovative, Joy-based programs, enhancing the mental and emotional well-being of pediatric patients with the healing power of music, friendship, and nature.

A message from CCA's leadership

Our hearts are heavy with the weight of recent events in our country and we stand adamantly opposed to any and all forms of bigotry, racism, and social injustice. As an organization focused on creating emotional well-being, we recognize that change begins with empathy. Never has empathy been more needed than today.

CCA has often looked internally, evaluating all aspects of our own culture and leadership in ensuring balance, equity, and inclusion across our operations. We believe we can do better. We see new opportunities for us to listen, learn, and act to find meaningful ways to catalyze the positive change our nation needs. Our commitment is not just for this moment, but for the long term and as an ongoing practice. We stand with our Black community and all diverse communities in the fight against racism, harassment, and violence, and we urge all to do the same.

“The ultimate measure of a person is not where one stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where one stands in times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

At the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) we believe all kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or at the very least, short, wonderful lives. That’s why our programs leverage music, friendship, and nature to create transformative moments of joy for families facing cancer and other serious illnesses.

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Programs of JoyRx™

To date, CCA has provided JoyRx to more than one million seriously ill kids, teens, and their family members and has a goal to clinically position and deliver JoyRx as best practice in children’s hospitals across the country.

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