Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

During this important month of awareness, JoyRx, the mission delivery of Children’s Cancer Association, is raising vital funds through various campaigns and events to continue providing customized programs — JoyRx Music, JoyRx Mentorship, and JoyRx Nature — to children battling pediatric cancer.

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For 28 years, we’ve been delivering programs to help kids find their Joy — one song, one friendship, one breath of ocean air at a time. When a child experiences Joy, their emotional well-being is positively impacted.

Simply put: Joy makes sick kids feel better.

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JoyRx Music, JoyRx Mentorship, and JoyRx Nature programs create feel-good moments for children and help them positively shift their mood to relieve the sadness, anxiety, and isolation experienced during lengthy treatments and hospitalizations — transforming their pediatric healthcare experience.

JoyRx heals. We’ve seen it.


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