From Volunteer to Employee – Meet Dustin

Growing up not too far from Oregon in Wenatchee, Washington, Dustin received his undergrad in Sport Management and master’s in Business Administration from Union University in Tennessee. Oregon was always on his radar and in 2012 he decided to move to Portland. When he’s not making people laugh in the office, Dustin enjoys snowboarding and hiking.

How did you learn about CCA?

“I heard about CCA through Facebook. I researched the company, saw that it was local, and was immediately interested in the Chemo Pal Mentor Program. Before CCA, I was doing a lot of part time work and volunteering. When I began volunteering for CCA as a Chemo Pal, I fell in love with the mission and the people and really wanted to work here.”

What inspires you about the kids you’ve served as a Chemo Pal?

“In November 2015, I was matched with Draven. He graduated from the Chemo Pal program just this spring! Within 24 hours of graduating my match with him, I was matched with a teenager named Liam. Now I get to have a lot of fun with Liam.

Draven was diagnosed with Leukemia and we were matched for 3 ½ years. I love his energy and positivity; he lives his life normally with as much intention and goofiness as possible. He didn’t let anything slow him down.”

“Liam is inspiring for the same reasons. He had a very difficult surgery, but he took everything in stride. He was diagnosed in January with Osteosarcoma and when he learned he had to have surgery, he approached it with an incredible amount of maturity. He just finished chemo last weekend!”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“Another program I’m involved in is Set Up Skate. They teach kids how to skateboard to help develop new ways to connect with people they don’t know. They’ll set up ramps and fun lessons at apartment buildings and they focus on helping refugees and minorities. I’m also part of a group that puts on a fun run called Run Foster 5k, which raises money for Embrace Oregon and kids in the foster care system. This September was our 3rd run.”

What do you like most about Development Support?

“I love the variety of work in my position and helping out around the office. I like to joke that I get to do all the fun stuff involved with the Development Team, without any of the pressure! I get all the good parts of their jobs.”

Thanks for all you do, Dustin!

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Interested in getting involved with CCA and learning more about our mission and impact? Consider volunteering at an event, becoming a Chemo Pal, or creating your own personal fundraising page!