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About Us

When seriously ill children, teens, and their families need more than medicine, Children’s Cancer Association’s innovative programs create joy one moment at a time.

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25 Years of JoyRx

25 years ago the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) set out to fill a critical gap for children facing pediatric cancer and other serious illnesses. We filled that gap beautifully – with joy, and with measurable, quantifiable results. Since 1995, CCA has raised $47M and invested $41M directly into our community by blending mission impact with business leadership and an organizational focus on creativity and innovation.

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We Believe...

We believe kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or, at the very least, short, wonderful lives. We believe cancer sucks. We’ve had it, or loved someone who did. We prescribe moments of joy for kids who are in the fight against all serious illness. We believe joy grows exponentially when it’s used collectively. We are music medicine pioneers.

We believe in purple. We know joy comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes – just like the kids we help. We love to laugh. We are not afraid to cry. We spend every dollar wisely. We give hugs freely. We believe in today. We respect our history as a grassroots organization. We embrace our destiny as a global source of JoyRx. We believe these things matter.

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