JoyRx Nature provides an essential connection to nature and instills hope and resiliency. Families close the gate behind them at the Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin® on the Oregon coast and find themselves a world away from the hospital, nestled in 24 acres of surrounding woods with plentiful wildlife and a serene lake with its very own rowboat.

The Caring Cabin is an extraordinary place for children in treatment and their extended families to relax, explore, and create once-in-a-lifetime memories. Afterward, many tell us they feel a kindred spirit with the hundreds of families just like theirs who have “been there,” and designed, personalized rocks along the pathway to the lake, commemorating not only their stay, but the long, hard road they have each taken. This no-cost, five-day retreat restores the energy needed to battle serious illness.

“When we first opened the gate, we knew we had arrived at a very special place. Everything about the property encourages reflection and healing. We were moved to tears as we walked down what I am calling ‘The Path of Warriors.’ We thought of all the children who had fought just like our Jack. We thought of their families. We wondered how many of them won their battle. To have a few days dedicated to processing, reflecting, and planning for our future truly left us feeling empowered and healed on a level we had not experienced to date. Thank you.”

—Gina, mom to Jack, 13, Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

Eligibility Requirements

If your family would like to learn more, or is interested in visiting the Caring Cabin, please review the eligibility requirements using the link below and contact us. 

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