JoyRx Nature’s Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin Receives Updates and Upgrades  

The past year brought many enhancements to JoyRx Nature’s Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin to ensure as many families as possible can experience the serene ambiance nature can provide during a trying time. We’re thrilled to highlight these changes — and how they impact families in need of emotional healing.  

Updating Eligibility and Assistance 

To increase the number of family visits at the Caring Cabin, we have lowered the eligibility age to three years old (from age five) and enhanced our assistance offerings of gas and grocery cards to families who might need a little extra help getting to or while at the Cabin.  

While food and gas assistance has always been an option, it was an extra step for families to receive aid. Now, we’re actively offering this support to any family that is eligible for Medicaid.  

Since implementing the change in the spring, we’ve helped three families. This is a great first step, especially compared to previous years where an average of one family per year received this additional help. 

Upgrading the Caring Cabin Structure  

In the winter of 2021, the Caring Cabin closed for some much-needed repairs and updates. These improvements ensure that the Caring Cabin will provide a safe, sustainable structure to visit for many years to come.  

The repairs included improvements to the roof, siding, doors, windows, and chimney. It’s also received some aesthetic updates with new interior paint and a recently installed basketball court and hoop, graciously donated by Mike Taylor from Sport Court of Oregon.   

Finding Joy One Beath of Fresh Air at a Time  

JoyRx Nature provides an essential connection to the natural world. Nestled in 24 acres of surrounding woods with plentiful wildlife and a serene lake, the Caring Cabin provides children in treatment and their extended families with essential tranquility and connection in a calming environment.   

The Caring Cabin is an extraordinary place for families to relax, explore, and create once-in-a-lifetime memories. Designed with the needs of seriously ill children and teens in mind, the Caring Cabin lends a much-needed mental break and recharge during or after treatment.   

This no-cost, five-day retreat restores the energy or provides respite, needed to battle pediatric illness.   

Watch this video to learn more about the origin and impact of the Caring Cabin:  


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