JoyRx Heals: Meet Oliver

When six-year-old Oliver first started having health problems, his parents, Tyson and Vanessa, believed it was asthma. When Oliver started snoring in his sleep or wheezing wearing a mask, his parents thought it was just sleep apnea or because of their son’s growing anxiety. But Oliver’s health continued to deteriorate. His pain and discomfort grew… Read more »

Q & A with University of Oregon Joy Maker

Ardavan Tabrizian, president, of Delta Sigma Phi, University of Oregon Chapter, shares inspiration of Joy from their 2022 5K Fundraiser, garnering over $20,000 to support JoyRx, the mission delivery of Children’s Cancer Association. Q: Why did you choose JoyRx | Children’s Cancer Association as your charity of choice? A: I chose JoyRx as our fundraiser… Read more »

Portland Students Come Together at Walk for Joy

On Sunday, September 25, the six Catholic schools in the Portland metro area came together to participate in the ninth annual Walk for Joy event. In a show of solidarity and compassion, high school students worked to raise funds for JoyRx and raise awareness of pediatric cancer during the month of September. Over 500 students… Read more »

Support JoyRx with OnPoint Community Credit Union

JoyRx, the mission delivery of Children’s Cancer Association, knows it takes more than medicine to treat cancer and other serious illnesses. When a child is facing life’s most challenging moments, they also need emotional healing. JoyRx programs — JoyRx Music, JoyRx Mentorship, JoyRx Nature — light up each child’s life with music, friendship, and rejuvenating… Read more »