JoyRx Heals: Madelynn’s Story

Madelynn is a sweet, friendly five-year-old who loves arts and crafts, Legos, and playing outside. But in summer 2019, Madelynn’s parents, Bridgette and Alex, noticed a worrying change. Madelynn no longer had the energy to do her favorite activities, and her parents had to carry her everywhere—she wouldn’t even walk into a store with her mom to pick out a toy.  After numerous visits to the doctor,… Read more »


JoyRx Heals: Wesley’s Story

In December 2019, just before the holidays, Wesley was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a type of blood cancer.   Since then, Wesley has endured chemo, spinal taps, and skin and blood biopsies. He had a bone marrow transplant on his 15th birthday. But he has faced every challenge with strength, courage—and a few good-natured pranks to lighten the mood.    For Wesley, those Joyful moments gave him the strength… Read more »