JoyRx Programs

JoyRx Music®, JoyRx Mentorship®, and JoyRx Nature® programs create feel-good moments for young patients and help them positively shift their mood to relieve the sadness, anxiety, and isolation experienced during lengthy treatments and hospitalizations—transforming their pediatric healthcare experience.

JoyRx Music

Since 1995, JoyRx Music® has drawn on the universal power of music to buoy spirits and energize, enabling young patients to feel Joy during the stressful and painful experiences related to extended hospitalizations and treatments for life-threatening illness.

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JoyRx Mentorship

Since 1999, JoyRx Mentorship® has fostered trusted companionship to inspire laughter and distraction. The only program of its kind in the nation, our highly trained, adult volunteer Joy Mentors provide emotional support to young patients in treatment and critical support to parents who endure the hardship of long hospital stays with their children.

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JoyRx Nature

Since 2006, JoyRx has offered free-of-charge retreats at the secluded Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin® in Pacific City, Oregon, providing children in treatment and their extended families with an essential connection to nature and healing to foster resiliency and restore the energy and hope needed to battle serious illness.

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