Happy Birthday, JoyRx: Celebrating 28 Years

Today we here at JoyRx, the mission delivery of Children’s Cancer Association, want to say: Happy Birthday to us!

July 25, 2023, marks our twenty-eighth birthday — and what an inspiring twenty-eight years it’s been so far. Our organization began as a dream — to bring hope, healing, and Joy to children and families facing the unimaginable trauma of serious illness. Thanks to the support of so many, our dream is a reality: we are here, delivering Joy to more and more kids every year.

The Ellis family founded Children’s Cancer Association in 1995 after Cliff and Regina’s five-year-old daughter, Alexandra, died of cancer. Along with other parents, pioneers, and dreamers, they set out to create something extraordinary: an organization with a new vision for what pediatric cancer support services might look like.

And in our 28 years, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of kids and their families around the United States. Since our inception, we’ve celebrated over one million Joy interactions with our three programs — JoyRx Music, Mentorship, and Nature.

We know it takes more than medicine to treat cancer and other serious illnesses. When a child is facing life’s most challenging moments, they also need emotional healing. We’ve seen that over our 28 years — the power of a song, of a friendship, of a breath of fresh, ocean air. We’ve seen that Joy heals, we’ve seen that Joy empowers, and we’ve seen that Joy matters.

What started around the Ellis family’s kitchen table has grown to one of the largest children’s health nonprofits in the Northwest, with our award-winning programs reaching children across the nation. It’s been an exciting and inspiring 28 years, and we’re so excited for the many years to come.

Happy birthday, JoyRx!

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