IRA Charitable Rollover

Give through your IRA to maximize tax benefits.

Donate Directly From Your IRA

If you’re 70 1/2 or older, you can donate up to $100,000 per tax year directly from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to charities like JoyRx.

This is a great way to support our work by allowing your dollars to go further: qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) may be excluded from your taxable income and qualify towards your required minimum distribution. The potential tax savings of a direct distribution can be best determined by consulting your financial adviser.

If you’d like to make a gift through your IRA, your financial institution should make the check out to “JoyRx | Children’s Cancer Association” and identify you as the donor by name and address.

Potential Benefits

  • Gifts may satisfy or count toward the required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year.
  • Take advantage of income tax savings – the gift is not counted in calculating your income.
  • Your gift will create Joy for seriously ill kids and their families.

To Qualify

  • You must be at least age 70 1/2 at the time of making the charitable distribution to JoyRx.
  • Distributions should be made from your IRA administrator directly to JoyRx | Children’s Cancer Association in order to maximize potential tax savings.
  • Distributions must be made from a qualified IRA plan (please contact your administrator if you’re not sure if your plan qualifies for making qualified charitable distributions).
  • The charitable distribution must be complete by December 31 in the year it is claimed.
  • Total charitable distributions cannot exceed $100,000 per taxpayer per year.
  • Donor may not receive any goods or services in exchange for the donation.

To Make a Gift

  • Contact your IRA administrator to request a charitable distribution transfer to JoyRx | Children’s Cancer Association.
  • Instruct your IRA administrator to include your name on the check and a note that this is an IRA qualified charitable distribution for the current tax year.
  • IRA administrators may send gifts to:
    JoyRx | Children’s Cancer Association
    1200 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 140
    Portland, OR 97209

If you have any questions, or to let us know an IRA gift is on the way, please contact Curtis Carroll, Director of Philanthropy, at or call (503) 200-5122. Thank you!