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Chemo Pal Mentor Program

In 1999, Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) introduced the Chemo Pal® Mentor Program, the only program of its kind in the nation, which pairs seriously ill kids and teens in treatment with trained, volunteer adult mentors, creating long-term, trusted friendships.

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CCA’s Chemo Pal mentors play games, listen to music, share hobbies, and simply offer the comfort of companionship, relieving the anxiety, loneliness, and isolation experienced by kids in treatment. A Chemo Pal mentor can also give parents a much-needed break to grab a cup of coffee, talk with doctors, or spend time with their other children.

To-date, the program has now matched more than 1,500 kids undergoing lengthy treatment regimens with a trained and trusted adult mentor volunteer.

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Halo Buddy Mentors

Now At Shriners Hospital for Children

CCA’s Halo Buddy Program at Shriners Hospital for Children is an extension of our award-winning Chemo Pal Mentor Program and provides kids going through halo traction with a caring, trusted adult friend during their long-term hospital stay.

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Help Fill Our Toy Closet

Help fill our Chemo Pal closet with the most requested toys, games, books, and crafts. Please note: due to compromised immune systems we can only accept donations of NEW toys.

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