The Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin 2017 Refresh

Caring Cabin - Rennovations

The Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin™ (Caring Cabin) was built in 2006 with the love and dedication of friends, foundations, and businesses. The 2017 refresh was made possible through the incredible support of our Renovation Team, led by Anna Kimmel of Finley Grace Design, who contributed and inspired over $200K in goods and services to make this dream a reality.

Back to Nature

The Caring Cabin provides children and teens that are in treatment, along with their families, with an extraordinary place to retreat, relax, and create once-in-a-lifetime memories outside of the hospital environment.

Nestled in 24 acres of surrounding woods with plentiful wildlife and a serene lake, the Caring Cabin provides an essential health connection to nature and healing.

The Cabin Experience

Over eleven years since the doors first opened, more than 4,000 family members have visited the Caring Cabin. This home away from home has seen an unfathomable amount of love and joy walk through its halls, each family sharing a piece of their journey with the next.

On average 40 friends and family members visit CCA’s beautiful Caring Cabin hideaway on the Oregon Coast each month. This free adventure helps restore the energy and hope kids need to battle their illness over the long haul.

“Thank you for letting us use this house. I’m Bastian. I’m eight years old. I have Glioblastoma. My family and I are very thankful. My favorite part was going out on the boat. Best weekend ever!” – Bastian AKA Bash-Man

The Renovation

After years of love and use, the Caring Cabin needed some TLC. Thanks to many incredible partners, this renovation became a reality. Some of the features include a completely remodeled interior design, new marble kitchen countertop, lights down to the lake, new patio furniture, and an outdoor fire pit with a wheelchair accessible pathway!

Before and After

Living Space & Dining Table

Kitchen Counter Top

Bedroom Design

Media Room

Deck Furniture

Outdoor Patio

Lighting to the Lake

Visiting the Caring Cabin Today

“We loved roasting smores on the fire pit. It was important for us just being together without any distractions. It was a time for us just to relax and retreat together and be intentional about celebrating Gideon and all that we’ve been through as a family. It was emotional at times, knowing of all the other families who’ve been through similar experiences and thinking about the pain our family has endured because of cancer. Overall, we were filled with gratitude and joy because of how loved we felt being there and what an honor it was to spend time at such a sacred place.” – Gideon’s Family

“We loved kayaking on the pond and going to the beach! It was a time for our family to focus on each other and have a good time. It was just a breath of fresh air and broke up the monotony of treatment, doctors, and school. [Placing] the memory stone was very special and emotional. It was cathartic to find a place for the rock and leave a part of our journey at the cabin while taking so many experiences home with us. We have so many memories, and that is what this journey is all about, the memories we make along the way!” – Taigen’s Family

Community Support

Thank you, Anna Kimmel of Finley Grace Design, for leading the renovation and Jennifer Yamin for her tireless logistical support. A special thanks to the following for their donations and dedication!

Michael Gillis & Jake Sly (R&H Construction)
Patrick Newsom & Chris Manwaring (Nike)
Bryce Amato (Amato Design)
Aaron Mayo (Milan Stoneworks)
Corrisa Navarro (Cascadian Landscapers)
Blair Peterson (Holly Hunt)
Javier & Blanca Gutierrez (JB ColoringBrush Painting)
Tom Barber (Madison Furniture)
John Flynn & James Gould (Delany & Long/Rogers & Goffigon)
Aimee Lagos & Christiana Coop (Hygge and West)
Hinko Van Den Bosch (Dynamic Resources)
John Phan (Starky Phan Upholstery)
Sean Surratt (Emerson Hardwood)
Eva Orlik (Hours of Antique Hardware)
Michael Fritz
David Parise
Phillip Jefferies
Made Goods
Deny Designs
Clarence House
Thrivent Mutual Funds
Rodda Pain
Idex Foundation (Micropump)
Juan Young Trust
The Business Planning Group
The Flying Dutchman Foundation
Pelican Brewing
Grant & Megan Bilby
Steve & Kristen Blake
Andy & Patrick Dignan
James & Marcelyn Robison
Direct Transport, Inc.
The Imaging Alliance
Jane E. Drew
Jeani Winterbourne,
Mary-Hy Distributors
Michael & Kristin Fritz
Odie Miller


Your Donations Matter

Thanks to donations from people just like you, we are able to send families with seriously ill children and teens battling cancer to the Caring Cabin free of charge. Please consider donating today.