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Children’s Cancer Association Launches Digital Music Medicine Program


MyMusicRx.org uses mood-shift tool to deliver music to seriously ill kids and teens

PORTLAND, Ore.— August 1, 2018 — The Portland, OR-based Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) is launching a digital extension of its flagship “music medicine” program, MyMusicRx, which delivers the healing power of music to kids and teens facing cancer or other serious illnesses. The digital service, which is available daily on any device at MyMusicRx.org and at more than 30 pediatric hospitals nationwide, empowers hospitalized kids to shift, plan, and grow through music by utilizing a proprietary mood-shift tool to help them feel better, faster.

As pioneers in delivering music medicine where, when, and how hospitalized kids prefer, we knew it was important to create a digital platform that would put kids fully in control of the experience,” said Regina Ellis, Founder and Chief Joy Officer of CCA. “At a time when so much decision making is out of their hands, MyMusicRx.org lets kids choose from exclusive videos, games, and music lessons based on how they want to feel – on their own terms, and in the moment.”

As kids explore and save their favorite content using an emoji-based rating system, MyMusicRx.org gets smarter and makes personalized song and activity recommendations based on the user’s individual profile. MyMusicRx.org members can set goals and unlock challenges, earning points and badges for completing music lessons and music-themed games. The platform also allows patients and parents to request instruments to check out during their next hospital stay.



“As the first hospital to launch MyMusicRx 23 years ago we have seen first-hand the program’s proven and measurable impacts in reducing stress and anxiety for seriously ill kids and their families,” said Cindy Hill, Chief Nursing Officer, Randall Children’s Hospital. “As CCA’s long-time research and development partner, we are incredibly excited to welcome the new MyMusicRx.org digital platform to their already robust suite of services which infuse our hospital with the healing power of music and improve the quality of life for our patients, visitors, and medical staff.”

MyMusicRx.org’s extensive “Listen, Learn, Play” content library features music lessons, games, and exclusive videos from national recording artists like Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas, Norah Jones, Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band, The Decemberists, and Tegan and Sara.

MyMusicRx.org LaunchMyMusicRx’s 360 patient experience includes bedside service, in-hospital concerts, and digital programs all designed to relieve stress, anxiety, and the perception of pain. MyMusicRx.org was developed in partnership with Ziba Design and Pollinate and is part of CCA’s long-term vision that positions joy as best practice in pediatric healthcare settings nationwide.

To learn more about MyMusicRx or to become a hospital partner, please visit JoyRx.org/MyMusicRx.

About MyMusicRx

MyMusicRx is the flagship program of the Children’s Cancer Association who believes #JoyMatters and #MusicHeals. Two decades ago we began delivering the healing power of music to children and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses. Today, our bedside and digital “music medicine” programs engage hospitalized children of all ages and diagnoses, relieving stress, anxiety, and perception of pain. Since 1995, MyMusicRx has served more than 221,000 children along with their families, caregivers, and medical professionals. MyMusicRx digital programs are available daily to more than 8,000 children in 30 pediatric hospitals across the country and growing. See MyMusicRx in action here, or visit us anytime at MyMusicRx.org. 

About Children’s Cancer Association (CCA)

The Children’s Cancer Association knows that for seriously ill children and their families every moment is precious. That’s why our programs leverage music, friendship, and nature to create transformative moments of joy for 35,000 children, teens, and their family members each year. We believe kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or at the very least, short wonderful lives. Unlike many organizations dedicated to the worthy goal of someday finding a cure for cancer, CCA is all about creating joy today. See our programs in action here, or visit us anytime at JoyRx.org.

To learn more about MyMusicRx, how to get involved, or how to become a hospital partner, please visit JoyRx.org/MyMusicRx.



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