JoyRx is Now Bicoastal: Growing the JoyRx Team

After over 28 years of delivering the healing power of Joy in the Northwest and beyond, 2023 marks the year it’s official: the JoyRx team is now bicoastal!

This summer, we’ve continued to expand our hiring across the country. We welcomed our first Digital Live music specialist in the New York area to our team in July.

With our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, our hub office in Austin, Texas, and employees across the nation, we are striving to reach all kids experiencing pediatric illness, helping them feel less alone, and elevating their Joy through music.

Our Digital Live offerings specifically aim to reach children outside our hub cities. Our Digital Live music specialists come from all over the country but connect to create pure moments of Joy for children experiencing life-threatening conditions. From livestream concerts and musical games to one-on-one sessions and music lessons, we are committed to reaching every child who needs some Joy in their life.

This local New York hire fuels our commitment to bring our Joy-based programming to every pediatric hospital facility across the country and become a standard in pediatric healthcare support.

It’s one step in a long journey, but we’re excited for where the future will take us!

Interested in joining the JoyRx team? We are hiring for positions in both Portland and Austin, plus remote jobs. Passionate about bringing more Joy into a child’s life? Then we’d love to have you join us! Check out the open positions now.

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