JoyRx Presents at 2023 Child Life Conference

On June 16, JoyRx hosted a workshop and presentation at the 2023 Child Life Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Held annually, the Child Life Conference provides attendees the opportunity to learn the latest in the field of pediatric healthcare. During this conference, attendees reconnect with friends and peers, make new acquaintances, and enjoy the company of other child life professionals.

The Power of Music Medicine

This year, JoyRx’s workshop centered on education. It focused on the power of music in supporting the well-being of pediatric patients and the patient-centered work of Child Life Specialists. There were over 20 workshop attendees, including several current JoyRx pediatric hospital partners from across the country. The attendees heard from Maura Boyce, Vice President of Programs; Allison Moore, Director of Program, South; and Christy Medley, JoyRx Bilingual Music Specialist.

Attendees experienced the transformational impact of music through direct engagement with musical activities. This helped them to better understand how to apply these learnings in a healthcare environment. In addition, the team shared evidence-backed methods for assessing impact and an exploration on how data can support Child Life Specialists’ work with the seriously ill children in their care.

“A great highlight was seeing the guests to the workshop shaking their JoyRx-branded egg shakers, strumming on ukuleles, and singing along as we kicked off the presentation with music!” said Maura Boyce. “Many of our partners in attendance shared how much they appreciate and love our music program, citing how grateful they were to depend on the high quality of our programming.”

Joyful Feedback

Attendees left the workshop with confidence that music is a tool in the family-centered care toolbox. We have long known the importance of play, normalization, social interaction, encouraged coping, emotional expression, development and motor skills, and satisfaction all play in a child’s well-being and healing. We know this: Music helps kids calm down, distracts them from the perception of pain, and empowers them to self-express their feelings.

“The feedback we received from child life partners in attendance at the workshop was so heartwarming,” said Allison Moore. “They feel that our music programming helps accomplish their goals of delivering quality family-centered care to the children and families that they serve in a unique way.”

Allison Moore, a fellow child life specialist, knows the value that programs such as ours bring to the pediatric healthcare experience. “It can positively impact the children and families facing serious illness and treatment in a big way,” she said. “It was such an honor to share our work with others in the field and to hear their perspectives on the value music adds to their work with kids and teens.”

You can join the Joy Revolution, too! To become a hospital partner or to experience JoyRx Music at your location, contact Maura Boyce at mboyce@joyrx.org.

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