Music as Medicine

Whether you’re making it or listening to it or sharing it, there’s something about music that has the power to heal. Music does more than just fill an environment; it transforms it. That’s why we created MusicRx®, an innovative program that lets kids express themselves by writing their own “music prescription.” Today, MusicRx has expanded to include, an online extension of our original in-hospital program.


GuitarFor almost two decades, Music Rx® has soothed and rejuvenated hospitalized children, teens, their family members, and the medical professionals who care for them by infusing the hospital environment with the healing power of music.

Fueled by therapeutic music specialists and highly trained volunteers, our flagship program delivers bedside music medicine and live acoustic hallway performances. MusicRx meets kids where they are, empowering their choice in prescribing the music experience that is best for them — at that moment. CCA's MusicRx team travels throughout pediatric hospitals in Oregon and SW Washington serving units such as PICU, NICU, rehabilitation, hematology/oncology, the burn unit, as well as general pediatrics, with our state-of-the-art mobile music cart loaded with its own sound system, recording studio and extensive instrument and iPod/iPad lending library.

MusicRx delivered music services 15,915 times and provided 530 palliative interactions last year.

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