Music as Medicine

Whether you’re making it or listening to it or sharing it, there’s something about music that has the power to heal. Music does more than just fill an environment; it transforms it. That’s why we created MusicRx®, an innovative program that lets kids express themselves by writing their own “music prescription.” Today, MusicRx has expanded to include, an online extension of our original in-hospital program.

MyMusicRx Digital

Ipod is the only digital music program of its kind; it enables seriously ill kids to play and download free music games, explore digital instruments, record original music, and watch exclusive video song prescriptions from their favorite artists. —whenever and wherever.

But it’s not just for kids—music lovers of all ages can download the free MyMusicRx app to purchase their iTunes music (5% of proceeds go to CCA). They can even prescribe music as medicine, sharing songs that match a kid’s mood or lifts their spirits.

MyMusicRx is a collaborative effort between incredible brand partners Cornerstone/The FADER, Converse, Atlantic Records, Anomaly, Nike Women, Gatorade, Wieden+Kennedy, Diageo, and our affiliate Apple iTunes

MyMusicRx provided more than 50,000 moments of online music medicine last year.

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