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Two decades ago CCA began delivering the healing power of music to children and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses. Today, MyMusicRx’s 360° patient experience includes bedside service, in-hospital concerts, and digital programs all designed to relieve stress, anxiety, and perception of pain.

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MyMusicRx In-Hospital

MyMusicRx’s trained specialists engage hospitalized kids of all ages and diagnoses, playing music for and with them and their families. Our state-of-the-art music carts are stocked with teaching quality instruments for kids to explore, and tablets loaded with music games and apps.

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At, kids can select from exclusive videos, games, and music lessons based on how they want to feel. As they explore and rate content, gets smarter and makes personalized song and activity recommendations. Members can set goals and unlock challenges, earning points and badges for completing music lessons and music-themed games.

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Live, in-hospital concerts with national recording artists complete the MyMusicRx experience. Previous shows have featured the healing power of music from Red Yarn, 123 Andres, Haley Johnsen, Sky Katz and more.

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MyMusicRx Wish List

You can support MyMusicRx by donating instruments, gift cards, and other items from our program wish list below.

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MyMusicRx Sponsors

MyMusicRx is made possible with the generous support of our friends and Champions in the music industry.



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