CCA’s Caped Crusader, CS Sheffield

Self-professed Kids Cancer Hero CS Sheffield has been a CCA Ambassador Board Member since 2010 and is currently Co-Chair. That’s about the same time he became Twitter sensation @SheffStation. What CS has achieved for CCA in the eight years since then is nothing short of remarkable.

Investing in Joy

As a professional trader, CS knows a “little something” about financial investment. This year alone, @SheffStation followers have donated more than $85,000 to CCA – thanks to CS’s advocacy and motivational outreach on our behalf. He includes the link to our “Dear Cancer” video in his Twitter bio and films his inspirational, always purple-clad Sheffism series of videos from our HQ.

As a compassionate human being, he knows a lot about personal investment. CS has been a Chemo Pal mentor to three kids: Hamza, Elijah, and Isair.

CS and his Chemo Pals

A Family That Gives Back

His entire family shares the same generous spirit. CS and his wife, Angela, have been repeated sponsors of the CCA Wonderball and are Society 5 members. Their daughters were part of the Lavender Girls, a group of young women who raised money for CCA through the sale of lavender-related items. And, every year the Sheffield family donates a block of tickets to a Portland Thorns soccer game so CCA families and their Chemo Pals can enjoy a collaborative outing.

CCA-served kids enjoying a night on the field with the Portland Thorns.

CS and Hamza at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

We couldn’t ask for a more generous and enthusiastic superhero! Our thanks to CS, the entire Sheffield Family, and the SheffStation community for their significant contributions to JoyRx.

Help CS reach his fundraising goals by donating today!