Celebrate Your Birthday with CCA!

Is your birthday coming soon, but you’re not sure how to celebrate? Instead of asking for gifts this year, consider requesting donations to the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA). You can start your own personal fundraiser right on your Facebook page in just a few easy steps. Every dollar counts when it comes to creating precious moments of joy for seriously ill kids and teens.

Step 1

Visit CCA’s Facebook page and click on Fundraisers.

My Birthday with CCA

Step 2

Select +Raise Money, located above previous fundraisers.

My Birthday with CCA

Step 3

Facebook will help you set up your fundraising page!

Celebrate Your Birthday

  1. Select Children’s Cancer Association as your charity, set the amount you’d like to raise, and choose a date for the fundraiser to end.
  2. Create a title: Sharing my Birthday with CCA!
  3. Share why you’re raising money for CCA. Feel free to share your own personal story or copy and paste below:

It’s my birthday and I’m sharing it with the Children’s Cancer Association! Instead of getting me a gift please donate to this wonderful non-profit that brings moments of joy to kids battling cancer and other serious illnesses.

  1. Upload a cover photo and select Create! Below is a special graphic that you can right click and save as for your CCA Birthday celebration.

Share Your Birthday with CCA

Thank you and Happy Birthday!    

A special thanks to everyone who has already donated their birthday to CCA! Collectively, you’ve raised $3,480 already this year!

Gina Uskach
Renee Stuart
Colette Kellog
Jason Fischer
Lisa Moore
Keaton Alvarez
Karen McKay
Cindy Walker
Brian VanKirk
Matthew Hayden
Joseph P. Baxter
Emma Whitney
David Grants
Revels Karstetter
Selah Sullivan
Jacelyn Janae