Channing Frye and L’Angolo Estate present Give Joy, Get Joy

Channing Frye

This summer, in collaboration with Channing Frye, The Frye Family Foundation, and L’Angolo Estate, a group of young business owners, entrepreneurs, and athletes joined together for the first annual Give Joy, Get Joy to deliver the healing power of joy to seriously ill kids.

The event included a live recording of the Road Trippin’ podcast with Channing Frye and Allie Clifton. Dinner featured L’Angolo’s own estate-grown Pinot noir and two of Portland’s brightest Chef’s Peter Cho of Han Oak and Sam Smith of Tusk.

Road Trippin’

The podcast covered a range of topics from Channing and the NBA’s love of quality Pinots to L’Angolo founder and winemaker, Chase Renton’s, own cancer diagnosis last summer.

Both Channing and Chase emphasized the range of difficulties cancer brings and the honor they felt to be doing what they love – while making a difference for kids and families facing a serious illness. Channing shared his reason for choosing to support CCA and why he knows joy is so important.

“[My partnership with CCA] started when I was a Blazer, [a CCA event] was one of the first things that I went to and saw the impact. I’ve seen a lot of charities, but I feel that CCA makes the best impact. Whether that’s in the moment or whether that’s over time, for me, it’s about making an impact and making a difference and with CCA I’ve seen it. Seeing how they can transform a hospital and a kid’s life is pretty amazing and inspiring.”

Spending Time with the People You Love

Following the podcast, the intimate group sat down for dinner and enjoyed moving stories from a CCA Chemo Pal, Chase, and Channing, who spoke about losing his mom to cancer.  

“Once you have one person, who is affected by cancer in your life, you become part of a different type of family. When my mother passed due to cancer, it was like you [Chase] and I understood the struggle, it is a different beast. For me to talk to people who understand that and also support a great cause is awesome. Cancer impacts everybody, no matter if you have it or you don’t.

Despite the difficult topic, everyone found joy in quality time around the dinner table and felt grateful for a night well spent.

Grateful for Moments Like These

Collectively the event raised $40,000, plus L’Angolo is donating $2 per bottle sold in their tasting room year-round to bring CCA’s programs to kids and families that are in desperate need of some happy moments. A special thanks to our partners who made it possible: L’Angolo Estate, The Frye Family Foundation, Studio Mega, Peter Cho, and Sam Smith.

Give Joy Get Joy Channing Frye

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