December CCA Hero, Paris

December Hero Paris

Paris is an energetic 13-year-old with a caring heart and courage to spare. In fact, this adventurous girl has already been parasailing, horseback riding, and cage diving with sharks. “I guess you could say I’m pretty fearless,” she laughed.

Her life as a regular teenager got tipped upside down last year when a small mole turned out to be melanoma. Surgery soon followed, as well as an ongoing series of chemotherapy treatments every other week.

Hanging with A Best Friend

When Paris first learned about the Chemo Pal program, she was dubious. With her strong, independent nature, she didn’t really think she needed one. Then Chemo Pal Holly came into the picture. The two quickly bonded while making friendship bracelets, playing board games, and learning how to knit together.

“She’s pretty amazing,” admitted Paris about her newfound friend. “Holly is so positive and helps take my mind off the bad stuff. It’s kind of like hanging out with your best friend.”

When Every Day Counts

Paris says she plans to become a pediatric oncology nurse so she can help other kids like her. She even has some powerful advice for her future patients: “You need to really make each day count,” said Paris. “Because every day is precious.”

Each Chemo Pal Mentor is carefully matched with a child or teen to reduce the anxiety, loneliness, and isolation experienced by children in treatment.  Donate today and help us fund more Chemo Pal matches like Paris’.