May CCA Hero – Emma

Emma May CCA Hero

Princess alert! Emma Baker is a sparkly girl with a passion for pink and all things princess related. She’ll eagerly sing at the top of her lungs upon request, and even throw in a few twirls for good measure.

Emma’s positive attitude is all the more remarkable considering the hardships this four-year-old has faced. She was diagnosed in 2016 with leukemia and recently her mother died of the same disease. “Her mom was strong and fearless and had the biggest heart,” said Emma’s grandmother, Debbie. “Emma has definitely inherited those traits.”

Emma’s dad, Bruce, agrees. “She’s so outgoing and strong,” he said. “She blows me away every day.”

Throughout it all, Emma hasn’t stopped smiling or bringing joy to those around her, including her Chemo Pal, Diane. The two can often be found drawing, sculpting things out of clay, or building fantastic Lego structures. “Emma has a bit of an engineering side,” explained her grandmother.

This charismatic little girl also loves to bake cupcakes and says she might like to be a chef someday. “I am a very good cook,” she said proudly.

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