Music as Medicine: JoyRx Featured in Healthcare Business Today

Vice President of Programs at JoyRx, Maura Boyce, recently wrote an article for Healthcare Business Today on the power and importance of music as medicine.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Receiving a serious medical diagnosis is a life-changing event for children and their families that can affect every area of their lives. When illness impacts an individual’s physical and mental health, it takes more than medicine to heal. Understanding that music has been shown to help children’s emotional health and increase resiliency during stressful times of treatments and hospital stays, pediatric hospitals and care facilities nationwide are implementing expanded efforts to physically, emotionally, and mentally support kids and teens battling cancer and other serious illnesses. Many are offering opportunities to bring them Joy through kid-prescribed music experiences, and JoyRx Music is leading the charge to make the healing power of music accessible for all pediatric patients nationwide.

You can read about the power of music as medicine here! 

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