One Mother’s Dedication to Joy in Honor of her Son

The holiday season can be a source of great Joy for families — and one mother is dedicated to giving back to the community by hosting an annual toy drive for JoyRx Mentorship.

Chante and her family collect toys and gift cards for JoyRx-served families each year in memory of her son, Jayden. Jayden was served by JoyRx from 2009 to 2012 during his treatment for Neuroblastoma. Jayden had a JoyRx Mentor, Jeanette Henning, enjoyed JoyRx Music, and visited the JoyRx Nature’s Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin. It was a privilege for us to work with this incredible family.

Even after his death, Chante continues her relationship with JoyRx for families in need of Joy.

“We do this toy donation drive every year,” said Chante. “Not only in remembrance of my son, but just because the organization is so awesome. They really helped us.”

For Chante, giving back to those in need is how she hopes to honor her son.

This year, Chante went above and beyond, bringing in 13 overflowing bags of new toys to the JoyRx Headquarters in Portland.

Thanks to Chante and her family’s generosity, our toy closet is filled to the brim with new toys and fun activities for children to enjoy with their mentors. We’re so grateful for Chante’s support. Her generosity and kindness make a world of difference for children in need.

“Working with JoyRx will forever be a great memory for us,” said Chante when asked why she does the toy drive each year. “So, we wanted to help make memories for other families, too.”

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